Lunch Bag Flower Power
Lunch Bag Flower Power
Lunch Bag Flower Power
Lunch Bag Flower Power

Lunch Bag Flower Power

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If your the one making the lunches I’m sure you have see your fair share of lunch bags arrive home with a half eaten lunch and crusty dried out sandwich edges, wont happen this lunch bag!

This is a quality lunch bag with padded insulation that will fit the standard bento size hard lunch box plus an ice pad for the warmer months.

Originally designed for kids lunches & snacks but like all Project Ten products they are multi use so these are also used for :

Kids to pack their snacks or iPad & toys to keep them quiet on road trips

The soft insulation makes it a great toiletries bag or medical kit when travelling. 

Pack your sunscreens in to keep them cool and contain any spills from unsealed bottles.

I also find it handy in the garden for carrying my garden gloves etc.

Made from RECYCLED plastic water bottles this bag is light in weight but extremely durable.

You will love it because it is :

  • Sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET)
  • Soft easy grab handle 
  • Padded insulated lining
  • 10cm high 30cm wide 19cm deep
  • Full zip closure
  • Easy wipe clean 

Also check out the Mini Insulated size for stand up items and can hold a cheeky six pack for those non lunch days.